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Our Vision is based on innovation, sustenability and growth; with our work and support, we will like to leave a positive footprint in this world in need.

The fuzion of the virtual Bim & Cad worlds with the great human service, give us the perfect combination of succed to perform all our task, goals while inspire others.


Get to Know Us

Our history has always been made innovating, always using the programs that the technology of the moment has provided from our beginnings to the present, always being at the forefront from CAD systems to the current BIM system. 



More than 20 years of experience in project management, development and coordination through the creation of Bim models. Developing urban, architectural and engineering projects using the latest technology and achieving total success in each of the works, reaching honorable mentions and awards in most of them.
Have experience variety of projects sush as hospitals, office buildings, instituionals buildings, luxury houses, and more, that have allowed me to gain knowledge on multiple areas and contexts, getting to learn about different technologies and aesthetic approaches. Also coordinating with USA team.


Meet the Team

None of us is as smart as all of us put together...... by Ken Blanchard

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